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Jahr Autor Titel
2011 Aggarwal, Raj; Dow, Sandra Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation and Firm Value: A Study of Large North-American and European Firms
2013 Albertini, Elisabeth Does Environmental Management Improve Financial Performance?
2016 Andersson, Mats; Bolton, Patrick; Samama, Frédéric Hedging Climate Risk
2011 Andrew, Jane; Cortese, Corinne Carbon Disclosures: Comparability, the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
2016 Antimiani, Alessandro; Costantini, Valeria; Kuik, Onno; Paglialunga, Elena Mitigation of adverse effects on competitiveness and leakage of unilateral EU climate policy: An assessment of policy instruments
2017 Arnold, Markus; Bassen, Alexander; Frank, Ralf Timing Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure
2009 Baker, Erin Optimal Policy under Uncertainty and Learning about Climate Change: A Stochastic Dominance Approach
2016 Balcilar, Mehmet; Demirer, Riza; Hammoudeh, Shawkat; Khuong Nguyen, Duc Risk Spillovers Across the Energy and Carbon Markets and Hedging Strategies for Carbon Risk
2008 Barbose, Galen; Wiser, Ryan; Phadke, Amol; Goldman, Charles Managing Carbon Regulatory Risk in Utility Resource Planning: Current Practices in the Western United States
2005 Bauer, Rob; Koedijk, Kees; Otten, Rogér International Evidence on Ethical Mutual Fund Performance and Investment Style
2010 Beatty, Timothy; P. Shimshack, Jay The Impact of Climate Change Information: New Evidence from the Stock Market
2006 Benson, Karen; Brailsford, Timothy; Humphrey, Jacquelyn Do Socially Responsible Fund Managers Really Invest Differently?
2007 Blyth, William; Bradley, Richard; Bunn, Derek; Clarke, Charlie; Wilson, Tom; Yang, Ming Investment risks under uncertain climate change policy
2017 Boussemart, Jean-Philippe; Leleu, Hervé; Shen, Zhiyang Worldwide Carbon Shadow Prices During 1990–2011
2016 Bowen, Alex; Dietz, Simon The Effects of Climate Change on Financial Stability, with Particular Reference to Sweden
2010 Busch, Timo Corporate Carbon Performance Indicators Revisited
2007 Busch, Timo; H. Hoffmann, Volker Emerging Carbon Constraints for Corporate Risk Management
2015 Butterworth, Shaun; Subramaniam, Nava; M. S. Phang, Michelle Carbon Risk Management: A Comparative Case Study of Two Companies within the Australian Energy Sector
2016 Cai, Li; Cui, Jinhua; Jo, Hoje Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Firm Risk
2014 Chan, Pak To; Walter, Terry Investment Performance of “Environmentally-Friendly” Firms and Their Initial Public Offers and Seasoned Equity Offers
2012 Chang, C. Edward; Nelson, Walt A.; Witte, H. Doug Do Green Mutual Funds Perform Well?
2017 Chang, Kai; Pei, Ping; Zhang, Chao; Wu, Xin Exploring the Price Dynamics of CO2 Emissions Allowances in China's Emissions Trading Scheme Pilots
2014 Cheng, Beiting; Ioannou, Ioannis; Serafeim, George Corporate social responsibility and access to finance
2009 Chevallier, Julien Carbon Futures and Macroeconomic Risk Factors: A View from the EU ETS
2008 Clarkson, Peter M.; Li, Yue; Richardson, Gordon D.; Vasvari, Florin P. Revisiting the Relation Between Environmental Performance and Environmental Disclosure
2015 Criscuolo, Chiara; Menon, Carlo Environmental Policies and Risk Finance in the Green Sector
2016 Daniel, Kent; Litterman, Robert; Wagner, Gernot Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk
2005 Derwall, Jeroen; Guenster, Nadja; Bauer, Rob; Koedijk, Kees The Eco-Efficiency Premium Puzzle
2017 Diaz, Delavane; Moore, Frances Quantifying the Economic Risks of Climate Change
2011 Divya, Pandey; Madhoolika, Agrawal; Jai, Shanker Pandey Carbon Footprint: Current Methods of Estimation
2016 ESRB, Advisory Scientific Comittee Too late, too sudden: Transition to a low - carbon economy and systemic risk
2015 European Commission Historic climate deal in Paris: EU leads global efforts
2016 Fialka, John China will start the World's largest carbon trading market
2015 Fouilloux, Jessica; Moraux, Franck; Viviani, Jean-Laurent Investing in Finite-Life Carbon Emissions Reduction Program under Risk and Idiosyncratic Uncertainty
2008 Galema, Rients; Plantinga, Auke; Scholtens, Bert The Stocks at Stake
2015 Gallego-Álvarez, Isabel; Segura, Liliane; Martínez-Ferrero, Jennifer Carbon Emission Reduction: The Impact on the Financial and Operational Performance of International Companies
2011 Greenhouse, Gas Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard
2017 Grewatsch, Sylvia; Kleindienst, Ingo When Does It Pay to be Good?
2012 Grossman, Gene; Hansberg, Esteban Task Trade Between Similar Countries
2012 Haan, Marien de; Dam, Lammertjan; Scholtens, Bert The Drivers Of The Relationship Between Corporate Environmental Performance And Stock Market Returns
2015 Hambel, Christoph; Kraft, Holger; Schwartz, Eduardo Optimal Carbon Abatement in a Stochastic Equilibrium Model with Climate Change
1993 Hamilton, Sally; Jo, Hoje; Statman, Meir Doing Well While Doing Good? The Investment Performance of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds
2015 Heath, Alyssa; Draisey, Zoe Report on Progress 2015
2008 Hoffmann, Volker H.; Busch, Timo Corporate Carbon Performance Indicators
2015 Höhn, Barbara; Baerbock, Annalena; Schick, Gerhard; Kotting-Uhl, Sylvia; Krischer, Oliver; Kühn, Christian; Lemke, Steffi; Meiwald, Peter; Verlinden, Julia Kleine Anfrage: Risiko der sogennanten Carbon Bubble
2014 Jung, Juhyun; Herbohn, Kathleen; Clarkson, Peter The Impact of a Firm’s Carbon Risk Profile on the Cost of Debt Capital: Evidence from Australian Firms
2011 Kleindorfer, Paul; Li, Lide Portfolio Risk Management and Carbon Emissions Valuation in Electric Power
2008 Kolk, Ans; Levy, David; Pinkse, Jonatan Corporate Responses in an Emerging Climate Regime
2009 Krauss, Clifford; Galbraith, Kate Climate bill splits Exelon and U.S. chamber
2014 Law, Sara; Maxfield, Weiss The Climate has Changed - Why bold, low carbon action makes good business sense
2013 Lecuyer, Oskar; Quirion, Philippe Can Uncertainty Justify Overlapping Policy Instruments to Mitigate Emissions?
2014 Leite, Paulo; Cortez, Maria Céu Style and performance of international socially responsible funds in Europe
2011 Levy, Tamir; Yagil, Joseph Air Pollution and Stock Returns in the US
2015 Liesen, Andrea Climate Change and Financial Market Efficiency
2017 Linyuan, Wang; Lin, Zhao; Guozhu, Mao; Jian, Zuo; Du Huibin Way to accomplish low carbon development transformation: A bibliometric analysis during 1995-2014
2011 Magali, A. Delmas; Nicholas, S. Nairn-Birch Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Carbon Footprints and Financial Performance
2014 Martin, Ralf; Muûls, Mirabelle; de Preux, Laure B.; Wagner, Ulrich J. On the empirical content of carbon leakage criteria in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
2014 Michael Humphries Choptiany, John; Pelot, Ronald A Multicriteria Decision Analysis Model and Risk Assessment Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage
2015 Misani, Nicola; Pogutz, Stefano Unraveling the effects of environmental outcomes and processes on financial performance: A non-linear approach
2014 Nofsinger, John; Varma, Abhishek Socially responsible funds and market crises
2015 Oehri, Oliver; Horster, Maximilian; Dreher, Christoph; Fogde, Frederik; Frank, Alexandra; Jochum, Christoph; Lutz, Viola Kohlenstoffrisiken für den Finanzplatz Schweiz
2015 Oestreich, A., Marcel; Tsiakas, Ilias Carbon Emissions and Stock Returns: Evidence From The EU Emissions Trading Scheme
2015 Puopolo, Giovanni Walter; Teti, Emanuele; Milani, Veronica Does the Market Reward for Going Green?
2004 Ranganathan, Janet; Corbier, Laurent; Bhatia, Pankaj; Schmitz, Simon; Gage, Peter; Oren, Kjell The Greenhouse Gas Protocol: A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard - Revised Edition
2008 Renneboog, Luc; Ter Horst, Jenke; Zhang, Chendi Socially responsible investments
2015 Rubin, Jeff The Carbon Bubble: What happens to Us When it Bursts
2014 Sadorsky, Perry Carbon Price Volatility and Financial Risk Management
2014 Saka, Chika; Oshika, Tomoki Disclosure Effects, Carbon Emissions and Corporate Value
2016 Sassen, Remmer; Hinze, Anne-Kathrin; Hardeck, Inga Impact of ESG factors on firm risk in Europe
2015 Sato, Misato; Neuhoff, Karsten; Graichen, Verena; Schumacher, Katja; Matthes, Felix Sectors under Scrutiny: Evaluation of Indicators to Assess the Risk of Carbon Leakage in the UK and Germany
2017 Scholtens, Bert The Environmental Performance of Dutch Government Bond Funds
2016 Schotten, Guido; van Saksia, Ewijk; Regelink, Martijn; Dicou, Diederik; Kakes, Jan Time for Transition - an exploratory study of the transition to a carbon-neutral economy
2016 Scott, Daniel; Gössling, M. Hall, Stefan; C.; Peeters, Paul Can Tourism Be Part of the Decarbonized Global Economy? The Costs and Risks of Alternate Carbon Reduction Policy Pathways
2015 Soni, Monika; Bhanawat, Shurveer S. Strategies Adopted by Indian Corporate Sectors to Mitigate the Carbon Risk: An Analysis
2005 Statman, Meir Socially Responsible Indexes: Composition and Performance
2014 Szolgayová, Jana; Golub, Alexander; Fuss, Sabine Innovation and risk-averse firms: Options on carbon allowances as a hedging tool
2014 Tang, Qingliang; Le, Luo Carbon Management Systems and Carbon Mitigation
2013 The Economist Energy firms and climate change: Unburnable fuel
2003 The European Parliament Establishing a Scheme for Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowance Trading within the Community
2017 Tirodkar, Mihir Global Warming Asset Pricing
2014 Wenjuan, Pan On Risk Comprehensive Evaluation of Carbon Finance in Commercial Banks under Low-Carbon Economy in China
2014 Weyzig, Francis; Kuepper, Barbara; van Willem Gelder, Jan; van Tilburg, Rens The Price of Doing Too Little Too Late - The impact of the Carbon Bubble on the EU Financial System
2009 Zhu, Zili; Graham, Paul; Reedman, Luke; Lo, Thomas A Scenario-Based Integrated Approach for Modeling Carbon Price Risk

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